A Call For Ethical Standards in Nonprofit Humanitarian Photography

When I started telling stories for humanitarian organizations, I applied ethical standards from my journalism days. I soon realized the aid world doesn’t operate with the same codes.

For Re-Picture, a publication of The Everyday Projects


Ghanaian Water Business Flourishes as Company Founder Learns to Let Go

Samuel Appenteng dreamed of expanding his water business all over West Africa. But first he had to give up his need for control.

For the Stanford University Graduate School of Business


Keeping Infants HIV-Free Through Nutrition

Researchers in Rwanda are studying the link between nutrition and preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The study’s results could mean a revamping of public health policies around the world and thousands more children living an HIV-free life.

For the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation


Radi-Aid Awards Fighting Visual Stereotypes With New Social Media Guidelines

No more selfies with African kids — that’s the message in new social media guidelines put out by a Norwegian organization with roots in the aid world.

For NGO Storytelling


A Visible Difference: Immunizations in Ethiopia

Nine-month old Bokallu Mofson is one of a growing number of fully-immunized children in Ethiopia, where measles outbreaks are an annual occurrence and just 62% of children have been inoculated against polio. Local Ethiopian organizations aim to improve those statistics.

For Catholic Relief Services and the Gavi CSO Constituency


Unexpected LiveS: North Korean Refugees in South Korea

North Koreans fleeing poverty, malnutrition and worse in their home country expect a better life when they seek asylum in South Korea. The reality is more complex.

For the Fulbright Program