I tell stories that show we’re all more alike than different


In my work as a filmmaker, editor, photographer and writer, I produce stories about humanitarian issues like immigration, agriculture, access to healthcare, and economic and social justice. I build relationships, educate people, connect with donors and create real change with my stories — and I do so in an ethical way with care and respect for the dignity of everyone I work with.




Ayanda’s Life
Ayanda Mathebula dreams of becoming a social worker. First she must navigate a host of complex and interconnected issues, including the pressure to get a job and help support her large family.

Stay: Migration and Poverty in Rural Mexico
Stepped-up patrols along the U.S.-Mexico border have had little impact on the flow of potential immigrants to the United States. That’s because border enforcement does not get to the root of why many people leave their home countries: to escape poverty. U.S. foreign aid investment in rural areas of Mexico can help reduce the pressure to migrate.